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I'm a freelance writer, part-time nomad and banjo understudy intrigued by the obscure and eclectic. Currently living in Toronto, I've mused about everything from seahorses to entrepreneurialism.

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Breaking Bad Money Habits: 4 Money Lessons Learned From ...

If you're one of the millions of Breaking Bad fans, you can attest to some of Walter White's financial missteps. Here are the top lessons to be learned.

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Canadian debt levels increase 400% Faster Than Inflation ...

Average Canadian debt levels have reached $26,768 - and have grown 400% faster than inflation over five years.

Canada Trade Deficit Hits Record High

Canada trade deficit has hit a record high, according to Stats Canada numbers for July, due to weaker exporting industry and trade relations with the US.

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Canadian Housing Affordability Outside of Danger Zone: RBC

RBC has released a report on Canadian housing affordability. What are buying conditions like in your province?

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Canadians are Confident in 2013 Financial Standing

A recent poll by CIBC shows Canadians are feeling increasingly positive about their financial standing for the new year.

Canadians Are Strengthening Their Savings Habits: ING Survey

An ING Direct Survey finds Canadians are in better financial standing compared to last year, with one third increasing their savings to $1000 every year.

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Canadians May Have Less Personal Debt: RBC Poll

A recent poll finds that Canadians are lowering their personal debt through less spending - and they continue to be anxious about their debt levels.

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Global Housing Markets: How Does Canada Compare? -

Real estate in Canada remains strong despite rising mortgage rates - how do we compare with global housing markets?...

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Canandians Are Reducing Their Retirement Savings Goals

Many Canadians are finding their original retirement savings goals are no longer a perfect fit. A recent RBC poll finds savers are putting less away.

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Do You Need To Appoint A Power Of Attorney?

As many Canadians live longer than ever, they may need to appoint a power of attorney to ensure their finances are safe in their final years.

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Canadians Are Making More Money Post Recession - ...

Recent data released by the Stats Canada National Household Survey show Canadians are making more money as the nation recovers...

Failure to Launch: Why Post Grads Are Putting Off Financial ...

Failure to launch: Sky high student debt and a slow job market have many post grads putting off home ownership, marriage and starting a family.

Financial Advisors For Seniors: How To Pick The Right Pro

Financial advisors for seniors should address the unique needs of those preparing for retirement. Here's how to choose the right one.

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How Municipal Overspending May Affect Your Taxes

Municipal overspending may be leading Canada's largest cities into a financial crisis of their own - and taxpayers are on the hook.